Projcon, an ISO 9001 company, is a leader in project controls/management services that effectively optimise time and cost, reduce project risk and ensure delivery of outcomes. Projcon has established itself as one of the key players in the project controls arena by building capabilities to provide fully integrated consultancy, training, and technology solutions to meet client needs and is well-placed to comfortably continue its success in this increasingly indispensable and fast-growing sector. Projcon is increasingly seen as a source of knowledge and education enabling it to secure a significant position across three offices, four continents and reaching over 180 countries.

The Problem We Solve:

We support our clients in establishing integrated Project controls capability within the project & programme management function offering effective delivery capability of an organization. We believe that effective project controls provide the business with reliable information, that inspires confidence, at the right time to enable and inform the right decisions to be made. Whilst some might consider this as an integrated solution, we believe that sustaining the capability to maintain a "match fit"​ status through development and professionalising the project team is the true measure of a fully integrated solution.

The Services Portfolio:

  • Our approach to generating a Project Control system that fits into a control framework. Assessment and gap analysis of client operations including maturity assessments
  • Development of control frameworks
  • Support for clients and working partners to meet surge capacity issues through the supply of subject matter expertise
  • Provision of experienced advisory support to meet client and partner requirements
  • Provision of training solutions for project controls and project management
  • Apprenticeship training in project controls and to degree level in project management
  • Customise project controls systems solutions to fit organisation needs
  • Finally, Projcon hosts the world’s largest project controls event; providing a unique forum for the sector, as well as, contributing towards the development of project controls profession globally

Our Portfolio