Project Controls Expo Celebrates Resounding Success in the UK and Australia, Showcasing Resilience and Growth

Project Controls Expo Celebrates Resounding Success in the UK and Australia, Showcasing Resilience and Growth

01 Dec 2022

Project Controls Expo Celebrates Resounding Success in the UK and Australia, Showcasing Resilience and Growth

Over 3,000 Delegates, 100+ Exhibitors, and 120+ Speaking Sessions Marked Significant Milestones

Project Controls Expo, the leading global conference and exhibition dedicated to project controls, proudly announces the triumphant hosting of its events in the United Kingdom and Australia. With over 3,000 delegates, 100+ exhibitors, and 120+ speaking sessions combined, these highly anticipated events brought together professionals, experts, and thought leaders in the field. The UK event marked its 12th edition at the iconic Wembley Stadium, while the Australian event celebrated its 4th edition at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

These events served as significant milestones and were the first major gatherings post-COVID, showcasing the resilience and growth of the project controls community.

Project Controls Expo has cemented its position as the premier event for professionals in the field, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. The resounding success of both events highlights the industry’s commitment to continued professional development and collaboration.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the exceptional turnout and response we received for the Project Controls Expo events in the UK and Australia,” said Anil Godhawale, Founder at Project Controls Expo. “The 12th edition at Wembley Stadium in the UK and the 4th edition at the iconic MCG in Australia brought together the finest minds in project controls. It was an incredible experience to witness the community come together in such large numbers after the challenges we have faced due to the global pandemic.”

The events featured a comprehensive program comprising over 120 speaking sessions led by esteemed experts and industry leaders. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of topics, including project planning, risk management, cost control, schedule optimization, and more. The sessions provided valuable insights and strategies to enhance project performance and drive excellence in project controls.

In addition to the enlightening speaking sessions, the Expo showcased the latest advancements in project controls through a vibrant exhibition area. Over 100 exhibitors, including leading technology providers, consulting firms, and service providers, displayed innovative solutions designed to optimize project outcomes and improve overall efficiency.

“The overwhelming participation from delegates and exhibitors at both events underscores the importance of project controls in today’s complex business landscape,” added Anil Godhawale. “We were delighted to witness the enthusiasm and engagement from all attendees, as it signifies a strong commitment to professional growth, industry collaboration, and innovation. The Project Controls Expo events in the UK and Australia have once again proven to be vital platforms for advancing project controls practices and knowledge.”

Project Controls Expo continues to be at the forefront of empowering professionals, organizations, and project controls enthusiasts worldwide. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, the Expo aims to drive excellence and contribute to the growth and development of the project controls community.

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